Bob Bose, CTO at LedgerEdge

Tell us about your career to date

I started my working life writing software for a surface to air missile — excellent experience in the principles of low latency design! My next port of call was a small firm building real-time feeds from all of the available exchanges world-wide. This gave me my first experience handling streaming prices over a multitude of protocols, as well as building our own high performance in-memory database.

Having cut my teeth on market data, I went into trading systems. Firstly, at Tullett and then at CSFB, where a few of us joined a new venture called BrokerTec. It is amazing that after many years I have joined up again with many of my old friends from BrokerTec here at LedgerEdge — we are so lucky to have such a great team.

What do you think is the most interesting trend in the industry, and why?

From a tech perspective I would say that the most interesting is the acceptance in financial markets that cloud is the way to go. If we could do what we did in co-lo a few years back into the cloud, then we would really have something special. I think cloud providers still need to look at a few points — other than security — PTP for clock sync — enclave computing too would be good.

From a business perspective, Covid has shown the importance of e-trading and auto-execution — from my side I want to be able to encourage traders off the phone and on to our systems. The key movement over the last few years is the commoditisation of standard IT components and focussing on the key differentiators, which in our case is the focus on data — privacy, value and controlled distribution.

Best and worst things on a Zoom call

I like Zoom, but everyone has their favourite — so we switch from Zoom to Teams to WebEx to Google through the day — of course the phrase “I think you’re on mute” is said more times a day than anything else.

The good thing is that we have created a company during lockdown and now communicating over Zoom feels completely natural.

Netflix series you most recently binged on and would recommend

I love the screenwriting of Aaron Sorkin — so my feel-good box set has to be The West Wing.

Best book for a much-needed holiday

I like biographies — I recently read those of Alex Ferguson and Jack Welch. Interestingly they have similar traits.

Recipe for the perfect evening/weekend?

The perfect evening would comprise an excellent burgundy and a classic film. A weekend trip would be to go to Mount Teide in Tenerife to gaze at the stars and take some great photos.

Best piece of advice you have given or received?

Truly listen, don’t just hear.

LedgerEdge is delivering a fundamentally better ecosystem and experience for finding data, sharing data and executing trades in the corporate bond market.

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